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About Us - Staff

About Us - Overview

Bi-Lo Wholesale is a family owned oil distributor serving all of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  We specialize in supplying automotive maintenance facilities, including quick lubes, automotive repair shops, car dealerships, parts stores, oil distributors, and DYI installers.

In November 1987, Larry and Alice Gouge opened the doors to Bi-Lo Wholesale in Denison, Texas.  Twenty years later, Larry still continues to run Bi-Lo along with his son, Kenneth Gouge.  Customer satisfaction and having the in demand products has always been the focus of Larry and Ken making Bi-Lo a continued success.  Visit our Staff page to meet all of our friendly employees.

Our product lines include all major brands of motor oil, hydraulic oils, complete line of filters, tires, batteries, chemicals, shop supplies, tools, lawn and garden supplies and much more.  We also specialize in special order tires, wheels, and lawn and garden products.  Take a quick look at the product categories listed on the left side of this page to learn more about our vast range of automotive products.

Orders placed with us may be picked up, shipped via our private carrier trucks, or sent UPS depending on your needs and location.  We strive to keep your orders filled completely every time and shipped on time.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving all of your automotive needs.


About Us - Staff

Larry Gouge - Owner
Employed Since: 1987
Background: Retail/Wholesale Automotive Products

Ken Gouge – Owner/Operating Manager
Employed Since: 1995
Background: Computer Science, Retail/Wholesale Automotive Products
Email: kgouge@crazyoil.com

Carlos Haywood – Outside Sales Rep
Employed Since: 1990
Background: Wholesale Sales

Kenneth Gunter –Warehouse
Employed Since: 1995
Background: Warehouse Order Filling

Kristi Gouge – Accounts Manager
Employed Since: 1998
Background: Accounting
Email: kdgouge@crazyoil.com

Kerrie Fisher – Inside Sales Manager
Employed Since: 2002
Background: Computer Information Systems, Wholesale Automotive Sales
Email: kfisher@crazyoil.com

Don Lehner – Sales Leader
Employed Since: 2003
Background: Warehouse Management & Sales
Email: dlehner@crazyoil.com

Jennifer Harvey – Invoice Management
Employed Since: 2004
Background: Accounting
Email: jharvey@crazyoil.com

Dale Ervin – Retail Manager
Employed Since: 2005
Background: Retail Sales
Email: dervin@crazyoil.com

Barry Gouge –Tire Sales Manager
Employed Since: 2006
Background: Tire Specialist
Email: bgouge@crazyoil.com

Kylon Harvey – Delivery Expert
Employed Since: 2006
Background: Route Delivery

Jackie  Donihoo – Custodian
Employed Since: 2007
Background: Custodian

Royce Odom –Delivery Expert
Employed Since: 2007
Background: Route Delivery

Dave Burleson – Warehouse Team Leader
Employed Since: 2008
Background: Warehouse Management

Tim Mauldin – Retail Sales Specialist
Employed Since: 2008
Background: Retail Sales

Brian Kirby – Retail Sales Specialist
Employed Since: 2009
Background: Retail Sales

Keenan Ervin – Retail Sales Specialist
Employed Since: 2009
Background: College Student

Jared Fox – Warehouse
Employed Since: 2005
Background: College Student

Tyler Sulser – Warehouse
Employed Since: 2007
Background: College Student

Gerrick Smith - Warehouse
Employed Since: 2008
Background: Warehouse Order Filling

Marina Mauldin - Office Assistant
Employed Since: 2009
Background: Clerical
Email: mmaulldin@crazyoil.com